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EVIL Overview!

EVIL Overview!

What is E.V.I.L.?

It’s the Evil Villain Island Lair… and home to heroes and villains, henchmen and sidekicks. A cartoon series dedicated to what happens on EVIL between all of the battles and world domination.

Show me some E.V.I.L.!!!

Here’s the first trailer:

… And the premier episode: “EVIL Greetings!”

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Follow THIS LINK to learn more about the characters and locations in EVIL!

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How can I make my own cartoon?
Want to make your own cartoon? I created the first episode, from start to finish in only 8 days!

Click here for a complete list of tools used to create EVIL!

… and you can read about the detailed process used for Episode 7 on these posts:

Be sure to comment below if you enjoy the series, or if you’ve created your own cartoon series!

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