Live! from E.V.I.L. (Evil Villain Island Lair)


A short format 3D comedy animation series about what happens to heroes and villains between all that action 😉

Filmed live at various locations on Evil Island, the series follows the exploits of Virgil Villain and Guy Goodman as they wrestle with everyday problems.

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Virgil Villain (villain):
Virgil Villain (villain)

Virgil comes from a long line of Super-Villains. Although he graduated from Luna Tech with full villainy honors, he still doesn’t quite measure up to his family’s expectations. He inherited Evil Island (and the Evil Villain Island Lair) from his father. Constantly at odds with his nemesis, Guy Goodman, Virgil Villain never seems to find the time to carry out his evil schemes.

Powers: Super Strength, Sinister Planning
Weakness: Doesn’t Like Mauve or Paisley

Weevil (henchman):
Weevil (henchman)

Weevil is Virgil Villain’s henchman, but he’s really more of a pet. He loves cheese… a lot! Created in a secret government lab (SPORGE), and sold in a army surplus garage sale, he’s as lovable as a blob-like creature can be.

Powers: Squeezes Through Small Spaces, Eats Cheese

Guy Goodman (hero):
Guy Goodman (hero)

Guy is a hero’s hero! But like Virgil, he’s never quite able to please his family with his accomplishments. Gifted with super powers and lacking in brain power, this beefy dude is always ready for action! (even if it’s just a pizza run).

Powers: Flight, Electric Blast Hands, Mullet Confusion (rumored)
Weakness: Distracted by Stamps and Coins

Sparky (sidekick):
Sparky (sidekick)

Sparky is Guy’s invaluable sidekick, and without doubt, the smartest one of the bunch. He got the job by answering Guy’s Craigslist advert. When the team is in a bind, you can count on Sparky to use his keen intellect and McGuyver-like skills to save the day.

Powers: Electric Guitar, Super Smarts

Announcersaurus (announcer):
Announcersaurus (announcer)

Announcersaurus (aka Vocaliter Prodigiosum, aka Dino-Mike) is the unseen voice that guides viewers from the start to the end of every episode. Sometimes the others even seem to hear him… weird!

Powers: (*Classified*)

Doc Matter (therapist):
Doc Matter (therapist)

(Warning! Spoilers for episodes 2 thru 4)

Doc Matter is a licensed therapist. He’s privy to secrets about all our heroes and villains. He also used to work for SPORGE Labs, and possibly even created Weevil! (or maybe he’s just messing with our heads)

Powers: Talking, Listening, Saying “Hmmm…”
Weakness: Allergic to Cheese

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Evil Villain Island Lair (exterior):
Evil Villain Island Lair

Located on Evil Island, the Evil Villain Island Lair (aka EVIL) is home to Virgil Villain and Weevil.

(more locations coming soon!)

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Muvizu: 3-d animation software, with free and paid versions – more info at their site:

Sony Acid: There are several versions of Acid available from Sony, ranging from the free “Acid Xpress” to the “Acid Pro”. Visit the following link to compare and download:
Sony Acid product comparison

Also, be sure to check out Acid 8-packs. Free loops posted weekly at:
AcidPlanet 8packs

GIMP: Gnu Image Manipulation Program
Great freeware photo and graphic editor. Here’s the main site:

Many free and low-cost options are available for recording and editing audio. Audacity and Garage Band are great choices. Below are links to the tools that I used on this project:

Adobe Audition

Sony Sound Forge product comparison

Video Editing
Sony Vegas: The software line starts at around $50 USD. To compare versions and features, see this link:
Sony Vegas product comparison

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All content written and voiced by Joe J Thomas online at: JoeActor.com


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