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Sizzle of EVIL!

Sizzle of EVIL!

EVIL never sleeps! (though it does “rest its eyes” from time to time)

Pitching and show bible building continues… and in that vein:

Live! from E.V.I.L. (Evil Villain Island Lair) has a new Sizzle Reel below!

PLUS! You can watch the whole series and learn more about it here:

EVIL Overview!

EVIL Overview!

What is E.V.I.L.?

It’s the Evil Villain Island Lair… and home to heroes and villains, henchmen and sidekicks. A cartoon series dedicated to what happens on EVIL between all of the battles and world domination.

Show me some E.V.I.L.!!!

Here’s the first trailer:

… And the premier episode: “EVIL Greetings!”

Follow THIS LINK to view all the episodes!

Follow THIS LINK to learn more about the characters and locations in EVIL!

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How can I make my own cartoon?
Want to make your own cartoon? I created the first episode, from start to finish in only 8 days!

Click here for a complete list of tools used to create EVIL!

… and you can read about the detailed process used for Episode 7 on these posts:

Be sure to comment below if you enjoy the series, or if you’ve created your own cartoon series!

Exclamation Points!!!!!!


Ep. 007: Gathering of EVIL!

Live! from E.V.I.L. (Evil Villain Island Lair)

Episode 7: Gathering of EVIL!

Virgil Villain and his henchman Weevil are hosting a “Lair Warming Party” on Evil Island… But with so many villains attending, who will be in control at the end?

Starring: (in order of appearance)
Joe J Thomas as Virgil Villain/Weevil
Herb Merriweather as Herb
James O. Johnson Jr. as JJ
Daniel Pierce as Mag Na Tude
Will Roberts as Atticus Merle
Marc Cashman as Johnny Wa
K. Woo as Sammy Smallfries
Nancy McLemore as Fatty Liver
Rebecca Michaels Haugh as Ida Herdja
Laila Berzins as Nicolette Clapper
(other voices by Joe J Thomas)

Gathering of EVIL! Cast
Gathering of EVIL! Cast

Live! from EVIL is a short-format 3d animated comedy series. See what happens with heroes and villains between all that action stuff 😉

Produced at lovely Joe’s Dump Studios

Copyright Joe J Thomas, 2015. All rights reserved.
Not a Quinn-Martin Production.

External Links:
IMDB Listing for Ep. 007: Gathering of EVIL!
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Audition for EVIL!

Live! from E.V.I.L. is holding open auditions for the upcoming episode titled “Gathering On EVIL”, slated for release in early 2015, and possibly used to pitch the series to major cartoon studios.

Virgil Villain and his henchman Weevil are throwing a Lair Warming Party in order to meet the other inhabitants on Evil Island. This is where you come in!

Now’s your chance…

Click HERE for full Audition Instructions and Rules!!!