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EVIL Audio Master!

Hey fellow EVIL-Doers!

I’m in the throes of editing all of the amazing audio from my cast.

Thought I’d give you a bit of insight into the process, so here goes:

1) Each cast member sent in a few takes of each of their character’s lines, in a single audio file.

2) I listen to them all, selecting the take I like and saving that take to a separate file (using a line number in the script for the name – easier in the next steps!)

3) The various lines for each scene are assembled in a multi-track editor (Sony Acid Music). I arrange them along with any music and sound effects until I’m happy with the scene’s audio.

4) For each scene, I output the full audio to one file. I also output each character’s audio track for the scene to an individual file. This character audio file is used by the animation software to do lip-sync, but not actually heard in the final production.

5) Animate the scene! (more on this in a future post!!!)

6) Assemble the visual animation with the audio track for the scene and any transitional effects, etc. using a video editor (Sony Vegas Movie Studio)

7) Repeat for all the scenes in the episode.

8) Profit!!! (well, publish at least 😉

… and there you have it!
Simple as 1, 2, 3, uh… 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, repeat, anon, anon, anon…

Ok, enough of my blathering – back to work for me,
The Management